What makes us different

We have worked hard with Latvias best teachers to create versatile and adatable tool for your classroom

Modern Tasks

All tasks in our database are created by Latvia’s best teachers using both modern education approaches and classic pedagogy principles.

Test creator

Using our proprietary algorithm it can create new and unique test in minutes and in multiple variations, each offering different sets of tasks


We have crafted algorithm that not only changes tasks numbers and parameters, but can replace it with one with equivalent difficulty

Test creation and grading is a slow and tedious. On average, teachers spend 8 hours each week on creating and grading tests. Time they could spend on students!

We have created Ingenium – a tool that allows teachers to create high quality tests in minutes. All tests created by Ingenium can be shared and edited easily, ensuring the longevity and adaptability of tests. Ingenium has two unique features, our tasks and algorithm.

All tasks in our database are created Latvia’s best teachers using modern education approaches and classic pedagogy principles – solo taxonomy and Bloom’s taxonomy. Tests have clearly defined difficulty levels, from basic knowledge to Deep Learning and abstract complexity. Tasks vary from single subject basics to cross-subject approach. All of our tasks are created in order to advance one or multiple skill-sets for students.

Our algorithm can use all these tasks and modify them – allowing teachers to create a brand new tests each time a test is generated. The algorithm not only changes the numbers and parameters of tasks, but can also replace tasks with equivalent ones. That ensures that each variant is different but not more difficult. The tool also solves the tasks for easy grading.

Ingenium tool

For now only available in Latvian and English

Ingenium test creator

Standard version . Suited for teacher who want to create and grade tests fast – without hassle.

Our core team consists of three people, friends and founders of Ingenium
Dainis Silamikelis

Dainis Silamikelis

CEO / Co-Founder

Professional teacher and physicist who is responsible for the educational content. As a teacher, he has been involved in“Skola 2030”, a Latvian project which re-shapes and modernizes Latvian the educational system.

Jazeps Rutkis

Jazeps Rutkis

CTO / Co-Founder

Software engineer/physicist. A high-class physicist with experience in UPMC. Has valuable coding experience in startups and in major enterprises. Is responsible for maintaining the database and improving the algorithm.

Toms Vavere

Toms Vavere

CFO / Co-Founder

Also a physicists, but has explored the business side of science. He has been active in University of Latvia Business Incubator and in the Latvian start-up community.

Roberts Rezenbergs

Roberts Rezenbergs


A talented recent graduate form Art Academy of Latvia.

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